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The Yagnus License

posted Mar 6, 2011, 8:13 PM by Herbert Bright   [ updated Mar 6, 2011, 8:17 PM ]
Dear users, contributors and friends, along with our release of version 0.0.4, I am also very happy to announce the first public draft of the Yagnus License version 0.1, which we have not put into effect around all Yagnus software. The license is reproduced below. We are still in the process of refining this license. It is expected that the license will change periodically, but it will always be checked into the same tag that it is applicable to. 

Happy coding!! :-)

Yagnus License, Copyright and Disclaimers v0.1

This document is about computer Files that Yagnus Software provides on Yagnus Website.  The data is provided by various Yagnus Websites and third party software and data repositories including, but not exclusively,, google code, github, and sourceforge. These servers that provide files will be collectively referred to as the Yagnus Website.

* By using Yagnus Files, you accept this document.
* Redistribution Of Yagnus Files or any transform of Yagnus Files must include a copy of of this document in plain text.
* Open Source Yagnus software may only be used and redistributed in Open Source software with a license that accepts and displays this document.
* Open Source Yagnus software may not be packaged or sold for commercial purposes.
* Academic use of Yagnus code must cite Yagnus Software as the author, creator and originator of the Files.
* Weapons industry and Spies may not use Open Source Yagnus software. However, this is not a statement of disagreement, plan or attitude with, about and towards any or all Weapons industry or spies.
* Files are provided "as is" without any warranties of effecacy towards any end. Yagnus Software is not liable for any effects or side-effects caused by the use of Open Source Yagnus software.

Yagnus File: A Yagnus File for the purpose of this document is computer files and any data transferred from Yagnus, static or dynamic web content, in part or in whole, source code, including creative images and organization of information.
Acceptance of this document means you agree with the principles stated and that you are aware of the requirements and that you will follow the stated restrictions and requests. Agreement means you agree and agree to abide by the entire document.
Use of Yagnus Files, not exclusively, include the following: Downloading Files from Yagnus Website, unarchiving a file containing this notice, compiling, executing, invoking components in it's software libraries, encrypting, summarizing, pruning, or otherwise transforming, quoting or citing Yagnus Files. By using Yagnus Files, you agree to the principles, requirements, and restrictions stated in this document.
Spy is a person or organization that actively obtains, or maintains the capability of obtaining, secretly, information about some person or organizational entities that the secret keeper tries to keep secret.
Trying to keep a secret is the fact of actions taken to prevent intelligent entities (generally or a specific) from knowing the secret where the actions are generally effective, probably intentional, and for the purpose of keeping the secret from the said entities.
Weapons industry includes all people and machinery directly participating in the invention, enhancement, research and creation of devices or procedures to destroy, kill, injure, disable or debilitate human and human creations.

Copyright (c) 2010 and forward, Yagnus Software
All rights reserved.