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Version 0.0.3 Released!

posted Jan 25, 2011, 8:09 AM by HC BUSY
Hi, everybody! Happy  new year!

I'd like to start the year by proudly welcoming Alexia to the Yagnus Software projects. Alexia has been working very hard on the hzip project as well as related Yagnus Libraries. She has also been asked to be a committer for YadoopYagnus Libraries, and hzip.

Featured in version 0.0.3 is the return of the Yagnus Libraries from the 2000's. Included are some superb sampling code as well as a data structure for storing and looking up ordered ranges. In this version, we have added infrastructure to hzip to support block compression algorithms. For now, it allows us to treat files as blocks, and apply subsequent compression on each block. This step is necessary because BWT based compression algorithms usually operate on blocks of data. We have supplied a gzip compressor for each block, but in our next release, we will begin to implement BWT based algorithms.

Stay tuned, and I hope everyone have a great decade starting in 2011.