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Version 0.0.4 Released.

posted Mar 6, 2011, 7:59 PM by Alexia Chang
Hi, everyone, I am happy to announce my first release of Yagnus project. We have just posted version 0.0.4 tag on our repositories. Please check it out! We have made many improvements to our code base. This release was a cleanup release where we filled in code that was missed during previous check-in's, as well as to introduce a new licensing term.

We have introduced a reflection utility class into the Yagnus library. We implemented it in Java and then wrote a wrapper class in Scala. Some other fascinating things include a "BreakableIterator". Since the development of Hzip began during Scala 2.8.0 release, we did not have an easy way to arbitrarily break out of a for loop. And the new implementation depends on throwing exceptions, which may not be efficient if used regularly. The Yagnus BreakableIterator allows the user to introduce additional "breakout" criterion based on the current value of the iterator. The for loop is therefore allowed to exit premature to the exhaustion of the iterator.

Finally, we've added a 'cmp' command to hzip to allow you to compare two files on hdfs system.

Hope you enjoy this release, and we have big plans in the coming months to release some new compression algorithms!

Also, happy international womens' day to all women-kind out there!